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Basic Principles of the Electrocardiogram

Electrocardiogram Basic Principles

The heart generates by itself an electrical activity which is transmitted through all the organ and produces its contraction..

The Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is no other than the graphical representation of this electrical activity.

Nowadays the Electrocardiogram has become an indispensable test in modern medicine, basic in Cardiology.

Diagnosis of heart diseases such as Arrhytmias, Coronary Artery Disease or cardiac conduction alterations depends on EKG interpretation. In addition, Electrocardiogram can be useful in other extra cardiac anomalies such as Thromboembolism or electrolyte disorders.

In this sections we will discuss the Electrocardiogram Basic Principles. The meaning of the graph paper, where to place the electrodes, the cardiac leads, etc...

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