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Calculation of R-R Interval from Heart Rate

In this calculator you can determine the duration of the R-R interval in milliseconds, just enter the heart rate.

If you wish, you can also perform the inverse operation, you can calculate the heart rate from the duration of the R-R interval.

This formula is only valid for electrocardiograms with regular rhythm.

Heart Rate R-R Interval

Heart rateR-R interval:


Click if you prefer to calculate the HR value from the R-R interval.

Click if you prefer to calculate the R-R interval value from the HR.

Heart rate is R-R interval is Click on "Calculate" button ms bpm

Remember, this calculator is not 100% reliable, and it is not a substitute for traditional methods of R-R interval calculation, nor electrocardiogram evaluation made by a doctor or competent professional.

Explanation of R-R Interval Calculation

Sometimes it is necessary to calculate how many milliseconds the R-R interval measures (when calculating the corrected QT interval for example).

In a regular rhythm electrocardiogram the calculation is simple, just divide 6000 by the heart rate.

Since we try to make the analysis of the electrocardiogram faster and simpler, we have created this R-R interval calculator, but you can always calculate it yourself.

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